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Article: Baby Carrier Guide: All About Our Ergonomic Carrier

Baby Carrier Guide: All About Our Ergonomic Carrier

Everything you need to know about the Isara for Tiba + Marl ergonomic baby carrier 

Every parent is different, so if you’re deciding if babywearing is right for you, it really comes down to your personal choice. That said, we both loved carrying our babies and it felt like an intimate, nurturing way to bond. Going hands-free made life easier and helped us get stuff done – like getting Tiba + Marl off the ground!


As we launch the Isara for Tiba + Marl ergonomic baby carrier, we’ve created this guide to help you decide whether babywearing – and our baby carrier – will work for you. Keep reading for everything you need to know... 

The basics

We teamed up with baby carrier brand Isara to create this ergonomic full-buckle carrier for 0-2 year-olds. Isara’s work with babywearing experts and orthopedics put them top of the list for us – and this full-buckle carrier is classified hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, too.

Woven from organic GOTs-approved cotton, it’s breathable, comfortable and safe for front, back and hip wearing. Both the fabric and the carrier itself are produced in Europe, in small batches to reduce waste.

Is babywearing right for you?

Babywearing is freeing as it lets you leave the pushchair behind and travel light for walks, hikes, spontaneous lunches out or walking through crowds. Studies also suggest that babywearing can reduce baby crying in infants, and it can soothe babies with colicky tummies. On a straight-forward level, we just really liked having our babies close and able to bond and communicate with both parents. 

Comfort and fit

It takes a village to raise a child… so it’s essential that a carrier can be adjusted to comfortably fit whoever is babywearing. Our carrier has adjustable padded shoulder straps, designed to adapt to your natural shape and swap between wearers. Wear it either with crossed shoulder straps – which comfortably fits both petite and wide frames, or parallel straps – which tends to be easier for new parents to get to grips with while they get used to baby wearing.

The carrier adapts to your baby as they grow – the 2-in-1 quick adjustment system and waist belt are both designed to easily alter the fit according to your baby’s size. Colour-coded velcro strips make on-the-go adjustments easy and straightforward.

Rules for safe babywearing

For peace of mind, our baby carriers have been quality checked three times by the Isara team and come with a safety and step-by-step guide for babywearing. But for safe wearing we also use the UK Sling Consortium’s ‘TICKS’ guidelines. TICKS stands for; Tight, In view at all times, Close enough to kiss, Keep chin off chest, Supported back. This simple illustrated guide is a super helpful way to remember. 

Where is the baby carrier made?

Both our ergonomic baby carrier and its organic cotton woven jacquard fabric is made in Romania, Europe. The carrier comes in two of our signature prints, designed in London: Mono Leopard and Camouflage. We create the carriers in small batches, so they’re only produced  to meet existing demand.

What the experts say

The most common method of treating hip dysplasia in children under 6 months is by the Pavlik harness method, explains Dr. Darius Rad, a pediatric orthopedics fellow at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London – and ergonomic wearing devices are derived from the principles of the Pavlik method. He points out that it’s good to be aware of the importance of wearing children in ergonomic systems, especially in the first six months while joints are constantly renewing and reforming, and the the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) promotes baby carrying in devices that meet its rigorous criteria. Dr Rad says, “ISARA is a different and superior product, promoted through the passion and work of those who developed this device and by the constant desire to perfect it, so that in the end the experience of the parents is not only useful but also convenient and pleasant.” We couldn't agree more and we’re really happy that our first ergonomic carrier has the backing of paediatric experts.

Shop the Isara for Tiba + Marl ergonomic baby carrier HERE

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