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Bag Care & Repairs


Caring for your bags properly is the best way to extend their life. 

To clean your T+M bag and lining use a damp microfibre cloth or sponge with a mild detergent, make sure to mop up any excess water and leave to air dry completely before being used.

Please do not use any sanitising or high alcohol content gel, wipes or spray, as this can discolour and stain your bag.

Whilst our bags are designed to carry all the items you need for a day out and about please note that overloading your bag may result in unnecessary stress on the straps and any damage thereof would constitute misuse.

We advise that when zipping and unzipping your bag you hold it or place in onto a surface. Do not hold it by the actual zips to open and close it.

Please note that care must be taken with all our bags and accessories to avoid scuffing against rough surfaces that could cause puckering on nylon styles or scrapes on our faux leather styles.

We use premium metal plating on all our hardware but please be aware that this can fade over time depending on environmental factors, especially in areas of heavy use.

Please take care not to accidentally scrape hardware as this can damage the plating.

We recommend keeping our products away from excessive heat, prolonged sun exposure and water.

If your bag does get accidentally excessively wet we would advise using a clean soft cloth to absorb any excess water and leave it to dry naturally.

Please do not put your T+M bag in the washing machine.

During long periods of non-use, please store your bag upright in it's dust bag, in a dry environment.

Please note that your consumer warranty does not cover any damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper use, neglect, accidental damage, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, water damage or the natural deterioration of materials and fittings over time, including zip wear and velcro wear.
We cannot replace, refund or repair products that you do not have a proof of purchase for, or for any T+M product that wasn’t bought from an authorised stockist.


While all T+M products are made to last, wear & tear over time from frequent use is to be expected. 

Our dedicated in-house T+M atelier will be able to restore and repair your items, where possible - supporting circularity and sustainability.

Pricing is determined on a an individual basis, with prices starting from £15.

Please email us at with some images of the repair needed and a brief description of the issue. Someone from the team will then get back to you with a personalised quote.

Items sent to our studio will usually be returned to you within 10-14 working days of receiving the item.

Repair and restoration services available include:

  • Material scuff and scratch repair 
  • Minor stitching repair
  • Zip pullers replacement
  • Metal toggle replacement 
  • Letters replacement
  • Edge paint repair