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As a brand we are committed to constantly furthering our sustainability - both from an environmental and social angle. We work closely with our dedicated factories and a small supply chain.


All our consumer packaging is either fully compostable, recyclable or oxi-biodegradable - from our luxe gift wrapping boxes all the down to the mailer you received your order in.


We consciously source our materials to be as sustainable as possible.

All our styles have 100% recycled lining and our faux leather is crafted from 58% recycled materials.

The vast majority of our polyester styles are rPET using post consumer plastic waste and recycled yarns, giving ‘landfill’ a new life - reducing the production of virgin raw materials and the consumption of water, energy and natural resources. 


While all T+M products are made to last, wear & tear over time from frequent use is to be expected.

Our dedicated in-house T+M atelier will be able to restore and repair your items, so that they can last for as long as possible - supporting circularity and sustainability. You can read more about our repair service and what repairs are possible here.

We want to support you in taking proper care of your products so you can find our T+M BAG CARE guide here.


We partner with Little Village, donating bags and accessories throughout the year. You can read about the valuable work they do here.

If you no longer need your T+M bag and would like to pass it along to someone who would, you can find details on how to donate to their country wide baby banks here.

We also donate bags to local refugee charities and women's refuges.

If your bag has reached the end of its life you can send it back to us to be fully recycled with Terracycle.