In The Bag - Stefani Nurding

Pro skater and model Stefani Nurding, partner Emeka, and their baby Felix feature in our new season campaign. Shot in North London at the Alexandria Road estate, showcasing our new Mono Leopard collection, Eco styles, Pink Elwood and Inka stroller bag/cross-body. We asked Stef - founder of Skateboard brand Salon and Mum to Felix aged 11 months - what she keeps inside her T+M bag...

I would have worn the bags before having Felix... And now I’m really glad there is a bag I can wear that looks exactly like something I would buy anyways but caters to having a baby. It’s hard enough getting used to being a mum without being covered in frumpy bags too so thank you T+M :)) xxx

01. Skinny Dip Charging Bank

I actually carry two of these I use my phone to pay for everything so always get freaked it's going to die.


02. Canon EOS M6

I have been an aspiring photographer my entire life! I'm very hit and miss and usually love film only. I recently invested in this so that I can learn the digital side of things :).  


03. Bambino Mio Reusable Nappies

I love these the fabrics are so soft and comfy for baby and the patterns are lovely too.  5. My baby loves books so I always have about three tiny books in there. And I do have wipes don't worry !! Haha xx


04. La Mer Lip Balm

Speaks for itself!