Spotlight On - Kylie Griffiths & Carl Wilson

Kylie is a surfer, creative director and founder of London Girls Surf Club now situated on the beach in Newquay with her partner Carl Wilson, a photographer and professional skateboarder and their daughter Harley. Carl hails from Essex and Kylie from London, they met 10 years ago at a skate festival where Kylie was taking some snaps for Vice and the rest is history! Together they now run a creative agency called DIY Creative, working with skate and surf brands on PR & Creative direction, and also run London Girls Surf Club, a networking tool to get landlocked ladies into the oceans and to make surfing more inclusive across the board.

“Our T&M bags are our everyday go to, and literally an essential for life with a baby. When we were looking for a nappy bag we didn’t want something too twee, and wanted a bag that represented us and fitted in to our lifestyle. The T&M bags go with every outfit, are hardy and are as stylish as any bag!”
- Kylie on T+M